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If you’re starting a new retail business or, perhaps, expanding and taking on new business premises, you’ll have plenty to think about. One of the most important and exciting aspects is creating an impactful retail display that really showcases your products and resonates with your customers. The look and feel of your retail space will help define your brand, so you need to choose carefully. 

The Best Retail Displays 

Retail display furniture comes in many shapes and sizes and manufactured from a wide variety of different materials, from acrylic to aluminium and from steel to glass. However, there’s one material that triumphs over all others for visual appeal, value for money, and social and environmental credentials - and that’s FSC certified wood. 

What is FSC Certified Wood? 

FSC certified wood is harvested from forests that.. 
...are carefully managed in line with the stringent standards laid down by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international not-for-profit organisation with a mission to ensure that forestry is practised in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way. With public awareness and concern about indiscriminate global deforestation at an all-time high, the FSC certification gives businesses and consumers reassurance that their timber has been grown and harvested in a way that helps protect important habitats and the environment. 

Why is FSC Wood Good For The Environment? 

Trees are super-heroes in our fight against greenhouse gases. According to the FSC, every cubic metre of wood used as a substitute for other materials absorbs an average of 1.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide that would otherwise remain in the atmosphere. Responsible timber production also uses fewer precious energy resources than any other mainstream material used to manufacture retail furniture – for example, 24 times less than that required to produce steel – and is a renewable and easily recyclable resource. In FSC certified forests, seedlings are planted to replace the trees that are felled, ensuring that forest size and habitats are sustained. 
So, if you’re keen to improve your environmental credentials - and build ethical credibility with customers and business partners - choosing retail display units manufactured from FSC certified wood is a no-brainer. 

Wooden Retail Display Furniture is Durable, Versatile and Attractive 

Aside from the very important environmental considerations, wooden retail display units also look fantastic. There’s nothing insincere or artificial about wood; it’s a rustic material that’s perceived as warm, relaxing and dependable – qualities that build trust in a brand. And it’s durable and versatile, too. Strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of frequent customer interaction, wood can easily be cut into all shapes and sizes and painted, oiled or varnished to create colour and texture, making it a sensible and adaptable long-term investment. In fact, may would argue that wood looks better with age. 
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