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If you are a restaurant owner, it can be tough to compete with others in your industry and make your establishment stand out from the crowd. Here at Furniture Crates, as well as providing a range of innovative catering solutions that could help transform your restaurant, we’ve also got six suggestions when it comes to providing your customers with a unique dining experience that is sure to stick in their minds long after their plates have been cleaned: 
A restaurant filled with tables, seating and wine glasses

1. Remember Your Customers 

One of the most critical factors for customers when dining out at a restaurant is the level of service they receive. As such, it is important to make the most of the interactions you share with customers, no matter how big or small, to make them feel welcome and appreciated. 
As a restaurant owner, not only should you ensure that your staff are friendly and attentive at all times, but also that they make a concerted effort to remember particular customers who repeatedly frequent your establishment. This will create familiarity and help to form a more personal relationship between your staff and diners, enhancing their experience and encouraging them to return to a setting in which they feel comfortable. 
A table in a restaurant full of people talking and drinking wine

2. Create a Signature Look 

In the age of Instagram, food aesthetics is perhaps more important now than it has ever been before. Consequently, it is no longer enough to create a reasonably tasty looking dish; it must be one that your customers simply cannot wait to share with the digital world! 
An average-looking plate of food will never make it into the memories of your diners, let alone their Instagram feeds, so take the time to create a signature look that will. This could be anything from arranging the food in a particular style on the plate to accessorising your dishes with a personal touch, e.g. a tiny flag with your logo on it. Whatever you add to your food, ensure that it reflects the ethos of your restaurant as well as your customers’ expectations. 
A dessert with a beautiful pattern created out of chocolate sauce

3. Offer Valuable Extras 

While 20% off for families or ‘two for one’ on cocktails are always useful promotions, they will fail to make you stand out from the competition when it comes to attracting potential diners. Try and think outside the box when it comes to value-added features - extras that customers will not expect but come freely or at a minimal cost – and create something that will really make your restaurant a talking point. However, make sure you offer something that is reflective of your establishment to ensure its appeal. 
For instance, if you run a fine-dining establishment, why not treat your guests to some live music while they enjoy their meals? Alternatively, restaurants who specialise in ‘pub grub’ could provide diners with the chance to try a small selection of ales on the house, served in branded wooden apple crates or on wooden beer paddles to reflect the traditional, rustic vibe. 
Our wooden beer paddles styling a small selection of ales

4. Incorporate Technology 

The use of technology can not only enhance your customers’ dining experience, but it can also make the way you run your restaurant more efficient. From tracking your diners’ favourite dishes to creating a more refined inventory, there are several ways in which you can use technology to give your establishment that professional edge. 
Additionally, offering your customers the chance to use their own technology by providing Wi-Fi and plug points will undoubtedly up the appeal of your restaurant while enabling them to check in or post about your food or service instantly! 
A person sitting down to dinner taking a picture of their food using their phone

5. Do Your Bit for the Community 

Giving back to your local community is always a great way to stand out to your customers by showing them the less corporate side of your restaurant and helping those who may in need. This is not only a great opportunity to gain you some publicity but to help a cause that you, as the owner, are genuinely passionate about by showing your generosity. Better still, why not ask your diners how they would like you to show your support for the community? Asking for their opinions or getting them physically involved in the event you are running, whether it be a low-key coffee morning or organising the donation of leftover ingredients to a local food bank will help them feel like part of your establishment, making them far more likely to return in future. 
Customers making suggestions using paper speech bubbles

6. Cater for Everyone 

Finally, with food requirements and lifestyle choices making their way into mainstream food trends, making sure that your restaurant caters for everyone is a sure way to make you stick in the minds of diners. Offering gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian alternatives are just some of the ways in which you can cater to a broader audience and make your restaurant the go-to place for all! 
A person about to eat a vegetarian meal with a knife and fork
If you’re looking to provide your customers with a unique dining experience that they will savour the memory of, be sure to try out some of these ideas. However, if you think we’ve missed anything when it comes to making your restaurant stand out, please do get in touch on our social media channels and share your tips with us – we’d love to hear them! 
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