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Fresh produce is a popular product and whether you are an in-store retailer or a market stall holder, keeping your fruit and vegetables as fresh as possible is of vital importance. However, while health and safety should always come first, you should also consider how to display your produce in a way that makes it as appealing as possible to customers, so they cannot resist picking up a juicy bunch of apples or a succulent vine of tomatoes. While a fridge unit may seem like the easiest option, there are several other, more creative methods of displaying fresh fruit and vegetables that are sure to make your goods look more enticing. Below, we’ve listed just five alternative fresh produce displays: 

Half Crate Shelving 

Many customers will choose to buy a product mainly depending on how it looks; this is especially the case with food products. As such, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for buyers to inspect your produce before they purchase it; a great way to do this is by using half crate shelving. Not only do these shelving units allow easy access to fruit and vegetables but, being tilted, they also provide a clear view of your produce, making the selection process even more straightforward for customers. Additionally, half crate shelving also enables you to display a large number of goods in one place, serving to encourage buyers to pick up other items while they are browsing. 

String-Tied Bunches 

Although this display method cannot be applied to every variety of fruit and vegetables, it can work well for select items such as celery, carrots and spring onions and is a great way to exhibit produce organically. Instead of being covered with plastic packaging, which is not environmentally-friendly, tying your goods together in bunches with string will give them a more rustic appeal as well as make them look pretty! 

Wooden Trugs 

If you’re a fan of traditional retail displays, a wooden trug will be the perfect way for you to show off your fresh goods! Reminiscent of years gone by, these simple wooden baskets are ideal for both fruit and vegetables and present the opportunity to create a range of versatile displays that can be easily transported. Layout out your fresh produce in adjacent sections or bundle it up in colourful heaps to make your goods look enticing and bountiful. 

Complementary Sections 

When creating your displays, try and place items together that visually complement one another. For example, as in supermarkets, grouping green vegetables together in your display will create an abundance of shades rather than having a mismatch of colours and bring together contrasting textures which will serve to break up the display. This can also work well with red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and grapes. Alternatively, arrange your display according to complimentary ingredients that are commonly used together in recipes. For instance, tomatoes and basil are frequently paired to make sauces while carrots, onions and red cabbage can be combined to make coleslaw. 

Wooden Trays or Boxes 

Finally, wooden trays or bespoke wooden boxes can both be used to create simple yet stylish fresh produce displays. Wooden trays are particularly useful for exhibiting smaller, circular items that tend to bruise as they can be lined with protective cushioning and have outer edges that prevent produce such as garlic, peaches and oranges from rolling around and becoming damaged. Similarly, wooden boxes are another versatile display solution for fresh produce suppliers that are perfect for exhibiting taller, more sprawling items such as carrots, cabbage, leeks and rhubarb. 
Here at Furniture Crates, not only do we have an extensive range of retail display solutions that are ideal for creating innovative and exciting fresh produce displays but we also offer retailers the chance to customise these displays using our bespoke service. So, if you’re in need of some inspiration when it comes to making the best of your fresh produce, contact our team today to find a display solution that’s right for you. 
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