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Not only are UK food festivals the best places to enjoy some of the finest British cuisines but they also present food retailers with the perfect opportunity to showcase their products and services. Consequently, whether you produce freshly baked goods, specialise in seafood or are an organic food supplier, there are several culinary events happening across the UK this summer that you’ll certainly want to know about. From local festivals such as the Great Dorset Chilli Festival to more national events like The Big Feastival, we’ve compiled a list of the UK’s best food festivals for 2018 that you won’t want to miss: 
A bottle of orange juice and a sandwich on a bench at a food festival

Whitstable Oyster Festival - 21st-23rd July 

Located in Whitstable, this two-day festival has been running for hundreds of years and is one of the most traditional around. Kicking off with what is known as ‘The Landing of the Oysters’, the festival begins with fisherman heading out to sea to catch the first oysters of the season, then returning to share their newly caught delicacies with hungry crowds. As well as oysters, there is an extensive variety of seafood on offer, making this the perfect place for caterers and suppliers who specialise in aquatic produce. Enjoy trading at the food fair or serve up some seafood dishes on the beach at the Lobster Shack! 
Freshly caught oysters being grilled on a barbecue

Great Dorset Chilli Festival – 28th-29th July 

At this local event, it’s all about the chillies; consequently, those offering all types of hot and spicy goods will feel totally at home at the Great Dorset Chilli Festival. There is a big emphasis on food purchasing here, with many stallholders offering an extensive variety of chilli-based products, ranging from home-cooked curries to grow-your-own-chilli kits, to entice buyers. Additionally, there is also a market for refreshing goods such as ice-cream, milkshakes, and beer to help visitors cool off after all that heat. 
A selection of red, yellow and green chillies

Isle of Wight Garlic Festival – 18th-19th August 

Located in the centre of this picturesque island, the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival is the perfect place to showcase all kinds of garlicky goods. With over 300 festival stands, food retailers will have ample opportunity to trade as well the chance to provide cooking demonstrations, talks and catering services at this bustling event. So, whether you offer freshly grown garlic or use it to make some delicious dishes, the Isle of Wight Garlic festival is an event you won’t want to miss. 
Bulbs of garlic in a pile

The Big Feastival – 24th-26th August 

One of the most iconic festivals on the food calendar, The Big Feastival was founded by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and is a fantastic event for food retailers of all kinds. Spanning over three days, this vibrant festival offers everything from public banquets to world-wide street food, cookery schools to knife skills lessons, meaning whatever food products or services you specialise in, there will no doubt be a place for you here. Relish trading inside one of the festival’s colossal food tents or serving up some delectable street food to ravenous festival-goers! 
A person serving noodles into a foil dish

Meatopia – 31st August-2nd September 

As you may have guessed, this three-day event is entirely focused on meat products, making it a must for butchers or food retailers who specialise in meat goods. Situated at London’s Tobacco Dock, Meatopia is metropolitan hive of meaty goodness, where traders will have the chance to prepare, cook and sell cuts of ethically sourced meat as well as provide an extensive variety of freshly cooked dishes that are sure to entice carnivorous guests. 
A piece of meat being openly grilled
Are you a food retailer or caterer who will be heading to any of these fantastic food festivals this summer? If so, share your experiences with us by getting in touch on our social media channels. Alternatively, if you’re in search for the perfect containers for your fresh food produce, why not consider purchasing our wooden apple crates? Visit our website now to browse our full range of branded crates for events & promotions. 
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