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No matter how big or small, brand identity is incredibly important to any business. Having consistent branding not only creates a sense of legitimacy for your business but also helps consumers identify, support and return to you as they become familiar with who you are and what you do. However, for brick and mortar retailers, weaving their brand identity into their customers’ in-store experience is vital to make a lasting impression. One of the most successful ways to do this is with branded units; below, we discuss the impact these simple but effective point-of-sale displays. 


Successful branding is all about consistency; consequently, having the same logo, font, colour scheme and message on various objects in and outside your store will help your customers interact with your brand while they are shopping. Incorporating branded units into your store will help plant a subconscious seed in the minds of your consumers, serving to subtly remind them that they are shopping in your store, where they can find products they love and be treated to a top-notch retail experience. 
Additionally, if you are a business that supplies products to other retailers, displaying them in branded units in their stores is a great way to create brand awareness, making your business memorable to wider clienteles who may then return to you directly. 

Emotional Association 

Visualising your brand in store with branded units will also help your customers to associate a particular feeling with your business. Providing it is a positive one, this will then encourage them to return to you for future purchases or recommend you to others, serving to enhance your business reputation and help build rapport with particular clients. 


Finally, let’s not forget about the basics; having attractive point-of-sale units will help make your store and products look as enticing as possible, ultimately serving to increase revenue and encouraging shoppers to continue making repeat purchases with you. 
Here at Furniture Crates, we offer an extensive range of branded wooden crates that are frequently used in a large variety of retail display applications. Not only can they be branded with your unique logo or custom-designed graphics but they also come in a selection of different colours and sizes, meaning whatever you’re colour scheme or space, we can create a bespoke branded unit just for you! 
Additionally, we also offer other accessories to suit the individual needs of your business and enhance these units further, including crate liners, extra shelving and crate header boards. 
Finally, if you’d like to keep a consistent colour scheme throughout your store, we also offer a bespoke colour service, wherein we can match the colour of your newly branded unit with existing shades in your store. 
To find out more about our retail display units or other point-of-sale ranges, please visit our website now or get in touch with one of our team members – we are always happy to help! 
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