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As e-commerce increases, it becomes ever more pressing for brick and mortar retailers to keep their services and stores as attractive as possible to high street shoppers. While a high standard of customer service is always important, the visual aspects of retail space can also have a huge impact on customer experience. Consequently, keeping your store looking fun, fresh and visually enticing should certainly be high on your priority list as this will not only serve to grab the attention of passing shoppers but will also show that as a business, you take pride in the appearance of your store. Below, we offer some useful tips to help you transform your retail space to provide the ultimate aesthetic experience to keep your customers keen: 

Utilise Consumer Research 

One of the best ways develop your retail space effectively is through consumer research; if you are a large retailer, market research programs are a great way to gain insightful customer information and provide a solid structure to your research. However, these programs are not always financially viable for every business; alternatively, engaging with your clientele through more accessible means such as your website, digital newsletters and in-store feedback forms can be just as effective, especially for smaller businesses. For example, you could offer customers discounts via your website as an incentive in return for participating in an online questionnaire. Additionally, you could also entice in-store shoppers to fill out a feedback form with free entry to a prize draw. 

Clear Some Space 

When shopping, it is important for customers to feel totally relaxed in your store so they can fully enjoy their retail experience. This means that while shopping, your customers should not be caused any unnecessary inconvenience by complicated floor plans, protruding furniture, or overcrowded displays. If any of this is a problem for your customers, this will have been picked up in your consumer research, which you should use to make the appropriate changes to your retail space. For example, if shoppers feel your store is too busy with overcrowded displays, consider modernising these displays to make them more compact and versatile. Here at Furniture Crates, we can offer retailers a variety of creative and contemporary retail display solutions; from retail wood shelving units to branded wooden crates, we’ll have something to suit you, no matter what style of business you are. 

Revamp Your Store Front 

While the inside of your store is incredibly important, the outside will be the first thing your customers see, so definitely deserves some attention! To start with, make sure your brand is displayed loud and clear on the front of your store for all to see as this will let passing shoppers know who you are and what you’re about. Alongside this, if you’re front fascias are looking a little tired, a fresh coat of paint and some new signage can make a huge difference to the appeal of your store. Finally, freshening up your window with a vibrant and memorable display will also serve to entice potential shoppers, so don’t be afraid to get creative with new products and imaginative layouts. 

Make Your Store Social 

As well as attracting customers with appealing aesthetics, making your store into a sociable space is also a great way to enhance customer experience. If your store is large enough, consider installing a seating area where people can take a break or relax while their partner, family or friends have a browse. Fill the area with additional forms of entertainment such as newspapers, magazines or children’s colouring books as this is a great way to keep the kids occupied while their parents shop close by. 
Additionally, offering free Wi-Fi is a fantastic way of attracting customers to your store initially as well as keeping them there for longer. With free Wi-Fi, customers can stay connected while they shop without worrying about their data usage or a lack of signal, a huge bonus for many. Moreover, if your customers want to share where they are or what products they have purchased from your store on their social media accounts, they can do this instantly without leaving the store! 
Finally, holding exclusive in-store events such as product launches, brand evenings or PR stunts will provide a more intimate experience for your customers by making them feel special that they can attend. During these events, offering refreshments and freebies will enhance the experience for your customers while providing you with the opportunity to get to know them and hear their views on your business. 
Do you have any other tips on how to transform retail space? If so, get in touch on our social media channels and share your advice – we’d love to hear from you! Alternatively, to browse our range of retail display products, visit our website now. 
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