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Along with the sunshine, festival season is finally here, and for many retailers, these summertime gatherings present the perfect opportunity to showcase their products to a wealth of potential customers. But with an often-broad range of stallholders to contend with, it can be difficult for business owners to grab the attention of passing festival-goers. 
Here at Furniture Crates, we believe that the best way to make your business visible in those busy crowds is with a show-stopping stand! With a vibrant and interesting display, not only are you sure to beat the competition by standing out from other retailers but you will also fit in perfectly with those colourful festival surroundings. Read on to discover our top tips on how to construct your show-stopping stand: 

Be Bold with Branding 

While branding is always important, this is especially the case when it comes to festivals, so don’t hold back on your branding efforts. While your logo will be marked clearly on each of your products or their packaging, hammer the message home even more with branded display units, freebies and even clothing! Here at Furniture Crates, our bespoke wooden boxes are designed, built and crafted around your brand – we can even customise them with your logo and brand colours! 

Sell Yourself 

Though a festival may not be quite the place to go for a hard sales approach, this doesn’t mean you can’t sell your business at all. Think, what’s good about your business? What drives you apart from competitors? Is there anything unique to you as a company? All of these questions are important to consider and could make you stand out from others for certain customers, so make sure you take some time to consider them before the event. Whatever your selling point, don’t be shy in shouting about it! 

Dress for the Occasion 

Festival dress is totally different from everyday attire, with bright and bold items often being worn. While branded clothing is an important part of your stand promotion, and should definitely be worn, don’t be afraid to jazz up your outfits for the occasion – think silly hats, colourful raincoats and glittery faces! By getting into the festival spirit, not only will this show your potential customers that you are fun as well focused, but it will also help make you and your staff seem more approachable. 

Stand Tall 

Usually, there will be a designated site for stallholders at festival grounds, where stalls are positioned in rows closely to one another. As a result, you may find that your stand is difficult to identify and blends in on the horizon of flat roofs. A simple but effective way to ensure your business stands out is by erecting your very own stall landmark such as a flag, banner or windsock. As well as differentiating you from other retailers, your chosen landmark will also encourage customers to return to you by serving as a subtle yet soaring reminder! 

Be Weather Smart 

Finally, while you may be desperately hoping for sunshine, the likelihood is that you will experience some bad weather while attending any festival, especially in the UK. As such, being weather smart can not only make a huge difference for you as a business but also, your customers to! For example, having a gazebo roof for your stall will not only serve to protect your products and display from being ruined by wet weather, but it will also entice festival goers to come on inside when the weather turns, creating the perfect opportunity for you to make your move! 
Have you got any other advice for retailers when it comes to creating a show-stopping festival stand this summer? Connect with us on our social media channels to share your tips. Alternatively, head over to our website to browse our events and marketing promotions range now! 
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