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Here at Furniture Crates, we understand that each crate serves a different purpose and often has to fit a specific brief. With that in mind, we aim to handcraft each of our crates at our Exeter warehouse, with our specialist team applying meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the finished product is something that we are proud to deliver to you. 
Making the crates is something that we do in-house, and we are proud that they are 100% British. The process takes four steps, with a skilled worker in each section who specialises in this. To allow you to gain some more insight as to how our retail crates displays are made, we’ve outlined the process for you below! 
When placing your order, there are many things that you need to consider; the size and colour are significant as they need to reflect the branding of your company. Sometimes, you may be after a specific size crate for the perfect finishing touch to your stand or storefront. One of the brilliant things about Furniture Crates is that we can cater to your bespoke sizes, with there being no limit to the customisation of the size that you’re after. Once the size has been determined, the next step is to decide on the colour. Using Pantone colour referencing, we can match any colour that you so desire. What is so great about this is that it allows continuity across all of your brandings. However, please keep in mind that there is an additional charge for this, as we will need to whip up a sample to send to you in order to ensure that the colour is to your requirements! 
After we receive your order, we begin to create your crates, referencing the details that you have sent over. First, we will begin to cut the wood down to size. Each piece is accurately measured before being sanded down. This is done by hand as it ensures that there are no rough edges, as well as it giving it a premium, rustic feel. 
Once the wood has been cut and sanded, the next step involves building the crate. There is a team of six skilled craftsmen and women who help make your crate become a reality, using a combination of glue and staples to hold it in place. Using two methods of sticking the crate together means that they will be more durable, which is perfect if you’re planning on using them in retail! 
The painting process comes next. Again, after looking at the sample of colours that were sent over during the ordering process, we make sure that the colour is right before spraying the crate. In order to make sure that this is done as thoroughly as possible, the crate is placed on a platform which has the ability to turn around, while one of our team sprays the wood, creating an even coat all over. 
For some, additional branding is wanted on the crates, and that is something that we are fully capable of doing. Using a pixel-perfect printer, your design can be printed onto the wood with total accuracy – the ideal finishing touch to your new bespoke crate! 
This is just the base of how your crates are made, with many other methods of customisation on offer if you get in contact with us. We will work with you to develop your new storage solution, whether it’s part of a permanent fixture or for something a little more temporary. Although we make everything in-house, we can have an exceptional turnaround time if necessary and will strive to collaborate with you to make sure that each of your requirements is met. If you need more information, take a look at our website or reach out to us today! 
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