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Spring is a time of rejuvenation and revaluation; consequently, for high street retailers, the season presents the perfect opportunity to analyse current design trends and make the appropriate changes to their store. So, whether you’re a retail giant or an independent start-up, if you’re considering giving your store a seasonal revamp, you’ll certainly want to know about these 6 spring design trends: 


While minimalism has remained the dominant trend over the past few years both in retail and at home, busy patterns and bold colours will be making a welcomed comeback this year, particularly during springtime. As such, depending on what type of business you are, you can jazz up your store in different ways; while fun florals and elaborate prints will work well for fashion and home retailers, those in catering may want to take a more subtle approach. A great way to do this is to add a burst of colour with a vibrant feature wall or incorporate lively shades into retail displays. 
Here at Furniture Crates, our retail crates displays come in a variety of colours, from blush pink and mustard yellow to zesty orange and baby blue. Alternatively, we can create a particular shade using our bespoke colour service, meaning whatever colour you’d like your displays to be, we can provide the perfect solution! 


As retail stores become more than just places to shop, the need for comfort becomes ever more pressing. If you have not yet dedicated an area of your store to leisure, this is something that you should definitely consider doing this spring, perhaps by including a small coffee shop or relaxation zone. If you do already have a designated space, consider ways in which you can make it even more comfortable for your clientele, e.g. by updating the furniture or offering novel in-house services such as personal shoppers or free refreshments. Not only will this enhance your customer’s in-store experience but it will also serve as a memorable hook that will encourage them to return in the future. 

Recycled Materials 

The growing awareness among consumers concerning sustainability has resulted in the emergence of a contemporary trend; while shoppers themselves are changing their ways by cutting down on plastic bags and additional packaging, store owners can jump on the environmental bandwagon by incorporating recycled materials into their store. For example, instead of opting for plastic or leather furnishings, why not substitute these newly produced goods for recycled alternatives such as furniture made from old plastics, tin cans or reclaimed wood. Alternatively, you could purchase some pre-owned pieces and do them up yourself – putting your own stamp on things is a great way to personalise your store even more. 

Feminine Accents 

Subtle femininity is another trend that’s spot on this spring. However, while pretty pinks are all the rage, juxtaposing them with stark surfaces and sterile backdrops can create the perfect shock contrast for retailers wanting to make an impact. Bring accents of femininity to your store with blush carpets, pastel lampshades and nude upholstery. Offset these soft tones with white walls, metallic furnishings and marble exteriors to create a strong but stylish combination of colours and textures. Finally, add ornate mirrors and soft lighting to your store; these finishing touches will not only serve to illuminate your store but will simultaneously create a warm hue of reflective feminine tones. 

Cultivated Craftsmanship 

As well as purchasing from big-time brands, consumers are actively seeking out more personalised products that have been created by local or independent makers. Consequently, this new-found desire for cultivated craftsmanship has encouraged a new trend for retailers; featuring the work of local artists or designers in their store interiors. While this may mean locating new suppliers, weaving locally-sourced or handmade products into the makeup of your store will not only show that you, as a business, are helping to support other upcoming ventures but additionally, that you are not afraid to add a unique edge to your retail space with exclusive products. 

Natural Vibes 

Alongside incorporating recycled materials, using foliage to create natural vibes within your store is also a great way to reflect the wider trend of mindfulness that has risen to fashion throughout the beginning of this year. Driven by the aim of creating a less artificial and more serene environment, retailers are encouraged to bring the outside in with luscious plant life or subtle greenery, transforming their retail space from a lifeless showroom into a natural haven. 
Have you been inspired by any other design trends this spring? If so, we’d love to hear about them! Get in touch via our social media channels and tell us how you’ll be revamping your store this spring. 
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