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If you are a brick and mortar retailer in search of the perfect shelving for your store, bespoke retail display units may be the solution you’re looking for. Not only do custom-made displays enable retailers to create a unit that’s ideally suited to their store, but they can also help increase the memorability of their brand, enhance their profit and make their customers’ in-store experience more convenient. Read on to discover five unique benefits of these tailored solutions: 


In many cases, retailers often have to make do with pre-made display units even though they may not specifically match their store’s colour-scheme or overall brand. Opting to have bespoke units made not only provides you with the opportunity to create a display that fits in with your store practically, but additionally, the chance to match it with the colours of your store, brand or even a particular product! 


While standard displays may serve to elevate your products, bespoke units can bring your brand to the forefront of consumers’ attention by subtly blending in with the products you are offering. Here at Furniture Crates, we can print any brand on to our bespoke wooden boxes using a sophisticated graphic treatment. Not only does this make your display units more personal to you as a business, but it also serves as a gentle reminder to customers of where they are, prompting them to connect their (hopefully) positive shopping experience with your brand. 


According to POPAI (Point of Purchase Association International), over 70% of products sold by a business are purchased in store, making point of sale an important resource for brick and mortar retailers. As such, investing in bespoke retail units can help make your products look more enticing as well as promote your brand, thus simultaneously working to increase your revenue as well as make your business more memorable. 


For consumers, convenience is incredibly important; the easier their in-store experience, the more likely they are to return. Consequently, bespoke retail units can play a vital role in enticing repeat custom by making it easier for consumers to view products. For instance, customers may be put off by higher shelving or multiple units that prohibit physical interaction with certain goods. Thus, by having custom made displays that are more tactile and less enclosed, it will be far more convenient for your target market to interact with your products and consequently, purchase them. 


Finally, while many retailers opt for cheaper, pre-made units, this is not always the best option and can end up costing more in the long run. Bespoke displays, however, can last far longer and although their initial cost may be a little pricier, their durability and opportunity for customisation make them the preferred option for many business owners. 
To discover more about the bespoke solutions we offer here at Furniture Crates, contact one of our team members today or reach out on our social media channels to share your ideas - we'd love to hear them! 
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