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If you’re a bar owner, there is nothing better than hearing the hum of customers enjoying each other’s company as they sip on some refreshing beverages. However, if you find that your establishment is running a little dry when it comes to business, we’ve got some great tips to help you improve your bar’s business: 
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Interact with Existing Customers 

While many businesses prioritise new customers, it has been repeatedly proven that a focus on existing customers can be far more profitable in the long term. This is especially the case for bars, as many people have a favourite place where they go regularly to enjoy a drink and socialise with friends. Consequently, interacting with your existing customer base can be hugely beneficial and help you to decipher what’s working and what isn’t in your establishment. Ask them what they like about your bar, what makes them return and if there are any ways they think you could improve your service or establishment. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask for their contact information; this way, you can inform them of exclusive events or occasions happening at your bar, so they are the first to know! 
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Attract New Custom 

With the above being said, attracting new custom is always important and should still be an aim for any business. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly who to target when it comes to aiming for a certain market so, why not use your existing customer base to help? By studying your current clientele, not only can you establish the type of customers your bar is drawing in, but you can also see who is missing and create a strategic marketing plan to attract that demographic. 
Once you have concluded who this new clientele will be, think what the best form of communication would be to reach them or what changes you could make to enable your bar to appeal to them. For instance, if you want to aim for a younger clientele, social media could be the best medium to use for advertising or events promotion. 
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Carry Out a Revamp 

No matter what business you’re in -whether you’re a shop retailer or a bar owner - giving your establishment a revamp will instantly attract attention and hopefully create business. While there will be some obvious instances of wear and tear that need addressing, try and be critical and think from a customer’s point of view where improvements could be made in your establishment. 
For instance, if your colour-scheme and fixtures are looking a little dated, why not update them with a fresh and contemporary new look? Similarly, if your bar area seems to be a looking somewhat bare, some interior accessories such as small wooden crates, industrial lampshades and novel beer mats will serve to spruce it up! Finally, a bar is a place for socialising; however, many people like to stay connected to the online world while out with friends. As such, having Wi-Fi installed will enable your customers to see your bar as a home away from home, where they can stay happy and connected. 
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Increase Your Transactions 

Finally, a sure way of improving your bar’s business is to create special offers and discounts that your customers can take advantage of. After all, everyone loves a deal, especially on a Friday night after a long week of work! For instance, you could offer two-for-one on cocktails between certain hours of the day or 10% off when a certain amount is spent on drinks. Not only will offers like these make your customers feel like they are receiving a good deal, but it will also encourage them to return if they’ve had a positive experience at your bar. 
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Are you a bar owner with some tips to share? If so, we’d love to hear about them! Get in touch on social media channels to share your advice with others or head over to our website now to find the perfect accessories and display solutions for your establishment. 
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